1-bit art

Noodles are 1-bit artworks made with the 100r sketch tool Noodle

a partially-lit man carrying a sack
Hermit · 48.43 m
A giant sea-dragon with an island on its back greets a ship
Island guardian · 1.74 h
a cube
a miner on a swing
Swing · 1.34 h
a frail flower
Frail · 10.42 m
an enchanted pizza
Enchanted · 47.93 m
a husky
Husky · 35.7 m
an isometric bayside city
Build · 2.18 h
an eye with frozen tears
Freeze · 30.78 m
two people facing a light in the forest
Bait · 1.26 h
a toymaker asleep on a desk
Mindless · 2.02 h
eight people standing around a campfire
Ring · 2.2 h
a girl wearing a beret
Beret · 2.79 h
a kneeling man with a handheld device
Jonathan · 41.63 m
a spectacled girl and a constellation
Capricorn · 49.4 m
two smiling aliens
Smiling aliens · 18.17 m
a snarling wolf
An angry wolf · 56.27 m
a wolf
A wolf · 47.93 m
a pauper
Veya · 1.22 h
a masked creature emerging from black water
The Wel · 1.01 h