Noodles are 1-bit artworks made with the 100r sketch tool Noodle.

a black mass latches onto a hooded passerby
a person with a fuzzy pet rock
a person asleep on a couch, illuminated by the light of a laptop screen
fell asleep (2 hours)
vivianelle (5 hours)
a giant sea-dragon with an island on its back greets a ship
Marasel (2 hours)
a partially-lit hermit carrying a sack
hermit (48 minutes)
a cube
a miner on a swing
swing (1 hour)
a woman holding a goblet
an isometric bayside city
build (2 hours)
an eye with frozen tears
freeze (31 minutes)
two people facing a light in the forest
bait (1 hour)
a toymaker asleep on a desk
mindless (2 hours)
eight people standing around a campfire
ring (2 hours)
a kneeling man with a handheld device
jonathan (42 minutes)
two smiling aliens
smiling aliens (18 minutes)
a snarling wolf
angry wolf (56 minutes)
a wolf
wolf (48 minutes)
a pauper
veya (1 hour)
a masked creature emerging from black water
the wel (1 hour)