a portrait of a dark-haired girl
6-colours (35 minutes)
a monochrome portrait of a girl
Holly — 3-colours (40 minutes)
a purple-haired girl wearing a yellow shirt
Coral (1 hour)
a miner shining a torch on a rock
miner (1 hour)
a small hooded character
a grey hooded figure wearing a hexagonal helm
Avanier (3 hours)
a fair-haired woman in green
Elvaine (3 hours)
Raspberry Pi Zero board concept
Blackberry Pi concept (43 minutes)
a red-haired girl
まさこ (2 hours)
a hooded, blindfolded person with a luminescent cat
Avanier & Mackerel
a cloaked creature holding a lantern
Hkol (5 hours)
a hooded hunter aiming a bow
Iain (3 hours)