The Reel is Arachne’s flat-file database for storing image info.


Originally, to add images in the wiki, they must be declared like this in tomes:% image.png | image alt text | image caption

The issue came when I decided to rename a bunch of images. I had to go through each tome to find instances of image runes. Additionally, in the event an image is used in a few places throughout the site, updating the alt text would also be duplicated work. So I decided to have a designated place to house all of that.


The Reel file is just a text file where each line is an entry pointing to an image file as well as containing its respective alt and caption text:

image.png | alt | caption

To call it in a tome, I now simply have to do this:

+ image

If I’m reusing an image in another page and I need a different caption:

+ image | caption override